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How To Hold Courageous Conversations On Race At Work

A Free Webinar on How to Be An Effective Leader In The Modern Workplace

Transform awkward and uncomfortable workplace talks on Race into effective and impactful discussions.

The topic of Race is a challenging subject for many people in the workplace. 


Your ability to confidently speak about Race will aid you in authentically supporting everyone in your organisation and in being a true Leader.

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I'm Sharon Amesu.

For over 30 years, I’ve been committed to raising awareness of societal injustices and challenging inequality. For 16 of those years, I worked as a Criminal Law Barrister, speaking truth to power and advocating for fair treatment and equal rights for marginalised communities.  I now work with organisations nationally and globally to support them to create institutions that enable all colleagues to progress and thrive irrespective of their background. 


As a black woman, I am acutely aware on both a personal and professional level of how crucial it is for every organisational leader and manager to be able to hold competent conversations about Race.

In This Free Webinar, We Will Cover...

Importance of Talking About Race At Work and How To Share the Value With Your Team

How To Eliminate The Barriers To Race Discussions At Work and Raise Awareness

Practical Ways To Engage in Competent Race Conversations At Your Workplace

Webinar Results

SA Consulting was commissioned to deliver the ‘How to Hold Courageous Conversations on Race at Work’ workshop to One and All. This award-winning company recognised that while it had a positive company culture, there were still areas of development in relation to race inclusion.


After the workshop, colleagues reported an increase in confidence to speak to colleagues about race inclusion. They also reported a greater understanding of the business and social benefits of being more inclusive. The organisation was inspired to create a plan of action to mobilise inclusion allies across the organisation and continue to work on race inclusion.


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