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Welcome to my website.

I'm Sharon Amesu, award winning inspirational speaker, corporate trainer and facilitator.

    My Story

    For 16 years I was a Criminal Barrister. I chose this profession because of a deep sense of justice I felt about how all people should be treated in society.

    I left the legal profession because I wanted to help decision makers in the workplace (aka leaders), who were making decisions, that sometimes led to unequal outcomes (that theme of justice again).


    I had a strong belief that if you can influence those who are shaping polices, procedures and strategies, then you could really start to see change in society and the workplace.

    I describe myself as a 'Rooted Optimist', in that I'm very much aware of the injustices that exist, but choose to believe that it is within the wit and will of humanity to course correct and be better.

    That's one of the reasons why I've adopted this motto when working with leaders

    "Drive Change Without Shame."

    I believe in leadership accountability, responsibility and ownership. I believe that leaders must play a lead role in making the workplace a space where everyone is able to thrive, contribute and share their ideas. But, I believe that the best approach to working with leaders is not to shame them about where they are, but to empower them to strive for where they need to be.

    That's where courage comes in. I bring challenge to leadership to teams and encourage them to be courageous leaders, able to face their fears and meet the moment. We need leaders who will make bold decisions, be willing to speak truth to power and stand on foundations of their convictions.

    I had the privilege of witnessing this everyday in the courtroom, with formidable advocates who were willing to use their voice to advocate, hold courageous conversations and 'step into the arena', even when there was of guarantee of success, support or even appreciation.

    This is what leadership looks like to me. It means being willing to do the hard stuff in service of others. It means bringing people who are often on the margins, into the conversation, it means being courageous in the face of fear.

    This is the stuff I love to talk about, whether as a Keynote Speaker, corporate trainer or workshop facilitator, I love to talk about all things Leadership, Courage and Inclusion.

    If you'd like me to talk about it in your organisation, let's connect. I'd love to hear from you. 


    Like to find out more about how I can support your organisation? Let's connect.

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