I began my professional career as a Criminal Barrister. Alongside my legal practice, I was actively involved in various community projects and initiatives. It was here that I developed my appreciation of the impact that leaders have on the lives of others. Following my 16 year legal career I decided that I wanted a career change and that I wanted to focus my attention on developing leaders and equipping them to be more effective. As I began my work of coaching leaders I realised that the most effective leaders were inclusive in their approach and communicative in their style.

I also realised that the most effective teams and organisations were diverse, inclusive and communicative. So, that's where I've focussed my attention. I focus on helping leaders to build courageous, inclusive teams where everyone is able to thrive regardless of their background. 



I've won a couple of awards along the way and two years ago I was appointed Leadership Facilitator at St George's House, Windsor Castle.

More recently I was appointed Chair of the Greater Manchester Branch of the Institute of Directors, one of the largest membership organisations for Business Leaders in the UK.

My mission is to help leaders get clear on WHO they are, HOW they want to lead and the IMPACT they want to have and enable others to do the same- INCLUSIVELY.


Sharon is one of life's great characters. I worked with her on the International Festival of Business and she did outstanding work holding the whole event together with energy to light a city, confidence, passion, attention to detail and humour. Sharon was responsible for lifting the whole event. I felt safe in her company knowing she is a true professional and can hold a room of a 1000 people. Since then I have been delighted to work with her at St George's House Windsor Castle running a Leadership event and I was delighted to nominate her to become a Founding Fellow at St Georges House Windsor Castle. I am so pleased to have the chance to take this work further.
Roy Newey
Chairman, Commonwealth Skills Forum
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