We offer a range of Keynote Topics to Inspire and Challenge your Leadership Team:

Leading in Terra Incognita

We are living in unprecedented times. Across every sector of society leaders are being called upon to draw deep on their courage and navigate unpredictable terrain. In order to lead effectively leaders need to be agile, collaborative and communicative. This keynote will equip leaders with key tools to lead in these challenging times.


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Leader Inc

The ability to lead inclusively is a key leadership trait for success in 21st Century. A company culture made up of inclusive leaders is more effective, impactful and innovative. This keynote will equip leaders with key skills to create a more diverse and inclusive culture and enable all team members to thrive.  

What’s that you’re writing on my Leadership Epitaph?!

All Leaders are shaping a legacy within their organisation. Most do so by default as opposed to by design. The most effective and impactful leaders are intentional about their impact and brand. They think about how they will exit from the day they begin. This keynote will challenge leaders to use the idea of leadership legacy as a tool for thinking and planning forward.

It’s a Nut, So Put Down the Sledge Hammer

High stakes conversations form an integral part of a Leader’s role. Whether it’s challenging team performance, resolving workplace conflict or raising issues with the board, leaders must be able to hold difficult conversations and do so courageously. This keynote will equip you with essential tools to navigate this often complex terrain with conversational dexterity.

S. O. D. It (See it, Own it, Do it!)

Cultural Accountability is mission critical in 21st Century workplaces. As organisational structures flatten, teams have greater expectations of trustworthiness, authenticity and accountability. This keynote shows leaders how developing an S.O.D. organisational culture will boost your competitive advantage.