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Inspiring Your Teams To Bring Their Best Thinking, Service, and Version of Themselves To Work Daily

A motivational presentation to empower and drive your team to become more powerful and impactful in the workplace.

Introduction from Sharon


I'm Sharon Amesu.

I believe in leadership accountability, responsibility and ownership. I believe that leaders must play a lead role in making the workplace a space where everyone is able to thrive, contribute and share their ideas. But, I believe that the best approach to working with leaders is not to shame them about where they are but to empower them to strive for where they need to be.


That's where courage comes in. Through my Motivational Keynote, I bring challenge to teams and encourage them to be courageous leaders, able to face their fears and meet the moment. We need leaders who will make bold decisions, be willing to speak truth to power and stand on foundations of their convictions. 

This is the stuff I love to talk about and I would absolutely love to share this important topic with your team. Let's get your Motivational Keynote booked.

Motivational Keynote Topic

What's In A Name: The Power of the STB Mindset

Every organisation needs a team of people with an STB mindset. That's a team of people who are Simply The Best.

An STB mindset is a growth mindset and when our teams have this outlook they will be willing to stretch outside of their comfort zone and into the challenge zone.


In the challenge zone, we face knockbacks, disappointments and failure. But when our teams are equipped to be resilient and get back up after obstacles and setbacks, our organisations will thrive, become high performing and hold a competitive edge.

We believe that every organisation has individuals with unrealised potential. Our motivational speech will challenge your team to look within and release more of their potential by, recognising their individual and collective power to become powerful, impactful, gutsy contributors.

Watch The TEDx Talk For A Taste Of Our Motivational Keynote

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