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Sharon Amesu helps organisations leverage the power of courage to transform their workplace.


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Inspiring sessions to challenge, support, and motivate your leaders and managers to be more courageous and inclusive in the workplace.


Facilitated workshops that create space for your teams to have candid conversations about the impact of their leadership and that hone their ability to build more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Motivational Keynote

Motivational presentation to inspire your teams to bring their best thinking, their best service, and the best of themselves to the workplace every single day.



The themes covered within our Keynotes are Leading with Courage, Leading with Your Legacy in Mind, Imposter Syndrome, and Leading through Change. Our keynotes are 30 or 60 minutes in length and can be delivered online or in person. To see the list of available keynote sessions and our rates, download the guide below.


These live workshops, hosted in person or online, cover the following key themes: How to Hold Courageous Conversations at Work, How to Build an Inclusive Culture Through Psychological Safety, Courage at Work, and Workplace Allyship. For the different Masterclass options available and our pricing, grab the guide below.

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Motivational Keynote

We believe that every organisation has individuals with unrealised potential. Our motivational speech will challenge your team to look within and release more of their potential by, recognising their individual and collective power to become powerful, impactful, gutsy contributors. For more details on this keynote and the price, download the guide below.

Ready to Host a Transformational In-Person or Virtual Event? 

For a custom proposal for your next engagement with Sharon Amesu, fill out the application form below.

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