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Award Winning Speaker
Helping Teams Unlock the Power of Courage to achieve success. 

IWD 2024-
Are you ready to Inspire Inclusion?

We have specifically designed a choice of 3 keynote presentations to inspire your teams to be embrace gender equity and become more Courageously Inclusive.

-Keynote #1 Courageous Inclusion

-Keynote #2 Empowered Allyship

-Keynote #3 Key Woman of Influence

Find out more here:

"I am convinced that courage is the most important of all other virtues. Because without courage you cannot practice any other virtue consistently."

Dr Maya Angelou


You’re leading your organisation in very challenging times.

There is constant change and uncertainty across the business world and your teams are having to navigate headwinds that blow on an almost daily basis.

Yet despite these challenges, you don’t simply want your teams to survive, you want them to Thrive.

You want them to embrace the change and inevitable disruption with a sense of Gumption and Gusto.

Yes, you acknowledge their fears, but you also want to maintain a high level of performance.

You want them to be able to lean into the unknown with fierce determination to succeed.

But How?

One word..


Courage is THE number one factor that will help your team to be more innovative, adaptive and resilient in the face of change.


Courage is your organisation’s secret weapon to achieve success during challenging times.

That's where I come in.

I'm a multi-award-winning motivational speaker, executive coach and leadership enthusiast. I take 16 years from the Courtroom as a Criminal Barrister to help organisational leaders to lead with courage and inspire their people to do the same.

I'm a TEDx speaker on Leadership, a former facilitator for the Society of Leadership Fellows of St George's House- Windsor Castle, a former branch chair for the Institute of Directors and have several Non-Executive Director Roles.

I'm also an Executive Coach, undertaking my certification with the University of Cambridge and a Professional Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

I believe that every meeting, presentation or conversation is an opportunity for your teams to lead with Courage and remain resilient during changing times.

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What People Say

"If you want to learn how to communicate with authority and authenticity, then you need to listen to Sharon. She speaks with authority and authenticity herself and has an amazing presence that encourages you to hang to every one of her words."

Chantal Cornelius, CEO of Apple Tree Marketing

A Few Of Our Clients...

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