Courage to Lead  
Seminar Series
for Women Leaders
Courageous Leadership

Courage is an essential ingredient of leadership success. In times of challenge and change leaders require courage to make difficult decisions, trust their teams and maintain their integrity..The Courageous Leadership workshop will equip leaders with the skills to:

-understand your courage saboteurs

-stop playing safe and re-frame risk

-inspire others to live more courageously

-step up to challenges and speak out more readily

Courageous Conversations 

Confronting conflict constructively when emotions are running high can be challenging and uncomfortable for many people. As a result, these important conversations are often mishandled or avoided altogether. This can have a very damaging effect on staff morale, productivity and results. Having the ability to hold Courageous Conversations is a key skill for leaders to maintain the integrity of relationships and achieve win-win outcomes for everyone. The Courageous Conversations workshop will equip leaders with skills to:


-raise hard to talk about issues

-feel the emotions and act in spite of them

-build trust and transform challenging conversations into learning opportunities

-ask for what you want and set clear boundaries

Courageous Presentations
The ability to communicate effectively is a fundamental skill for effective leadership. Leaders have the opportunity to communicate leadership in every interaction within their organisation. Whether in a formal meeting,  a staff conference or an off the cuff conversation, each time a leader communicates, they convey a message about their leadership. The Courageous Presentations workshop will equip leaders with the skills to:
-find and use their authentic voice as a presenter
-speak with authority and be heard
- pitch their business ideas more persuasively
-unlock the power of storytelling to increase impact and influence
Language of Leadership - Advanced Masterclass
There is a language of influence that Leaders can master to give them a competitive edge in their communication. The advancement of of neuroscience now offers incredible insights into how the brain responds to the spoken and unspoken language of leaders. In this advanced Masterclass leaders will learn:
- the most effective techniques for persuasion and influence based on the latest research on neuroscience and emotional intelligence
-the secrets of the hidden language of  leadership
-learn how to structure their communication for greater impact and increased        charisma
-build rapport and inspire buy-in

Date: 17th January 2019
Location: Manchester, UK
Buy Now: £299
Date 21st February 2019
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Manchester, UK
Buy Now: £299
Date 21st March 2019
Time: 10am- 4pm
Location: Manchester, UK
Buy Now: £299
Date 18th April 2019
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Manchester, UK
Buy Now: £499

Effective Communication is Essential for Great Leadership........

Are you a Leader who wants more Influence?

The Courage to Lead Programme is a series of seminars designed to help Business Leaders, Thought Leaders and Community Leaders Inspire their people to embrace and act on the change they envisionThe programme is specifically for leaders who want to bring about shifts in their organisational culture,  start a movement in their community or influence their key internal and external stakeholders. 

Why this Course and Why Now?

Leaders  are expected to be more visible internally and external to  their business, organisation or movement. Whether in internal meetings, staff conferences, or social media, the leaders with the greatest levels of credibility are those who are seen and heard. Being able to communicate with authority and authenticity is an essential skill to do the 'visibility thing' more effectively.

Tell me More, Tell me More.....

This programme has been honed and developed over a 20 year period of courtroom and Boardroom communication.

Each session is interactive and practical. Participants will role-play and practice their learning. By the end of each session leaders will be equipped with tools to Speak, Be Heard and Be Recognised as a Compelling Leader of Influence.

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Limited spaces available for each seminar.
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Client Testimonials

"I can't thank Sharon enough for working with me when I was presented with an opportunity to hold a workshop in front of 300 people daily. The sheer thought of doing the workshop scared the life out of me and I was recommended to have a couple of sessions with Sharon to boost my confidence and to learn some techniques to guide me through.  The event arrived and it was the moment of truth - it was a huge success, not only because the workshops went well but I now feel like a confident women that feels happy with the way that I portray myself when speaking publicly, All I can say is that it is down to these sessions and  most importantly its all down to Sharon! I feel very lucky to have worked with her. I would highly recommend her."

Stephanie Witts

Co-Founder- Witts Design

"If you want to learn how to communicate with authority and authenticity, then you need to listen to Sharon. She speaks with authority and authenticity herself and has an amazing presence that encourages you to hang to every one of her words. She generously shares her stories and advice, showing you how to use public speaking to persuade your audience to listen to you and to take action. She is an amazing speaker who inspires me every time that I hear her speak."

Chantal Cornelius

Director- Apple Tree Marketing

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