Communicate with Power, Presence and Purpose

27th April 2018, 1-5pm, The Ainscow Hotel, Manchester

Are you a female leader, manager or business owner looking to increase your influence and impact? Are you tired of being overlooked for promotion, ignored at meetings or overly anxious when public speaking? Would you like to be heard and command respect when you speak? 

According to 'The Top Unwritten Rules to Advancement – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Career' report from the leading researchers, Catalyst, the no.1 skill for career advancement and high performance is the ability to be influential and articulate effectively. In today’s work environment, it’s not enough to rely on title or expertise alone to command respect or be noticed in your field. What’s required is an ability to communicate effectively, build meaningful relationships and use your influence to achieve goals.

Why is authoritative communication so important for today’s leaders & business owners?

Communicating with authority is a crucial skill for career and business success. It enables you to command respect and increase your personal visibility. Women who speak with authority are able to lead better, build stronger and more authentic relationships and get promoted quicker. They get better results.

During this half day masterclass you will be coached by Criminal Barrister turned Leadership Coach, Sharon Amesu. Sharon spent 16 years in practice using her voice to command respect in the courtroom and now coaches professional women to do the same. Sharon is an award winning speaker who will help you to get heard and get noticed.

You will learn:

-Practical tools for communicating more powerfully to your team, customers, colleagues and other stakeholders. 

-Ways of developing key messages aligned with your values and beliefs.

-How to access your authentic communication style and how to persuade, inspire and influence others to follow you and your ideas. 

-Skills for confidently speaking up in meetings and communicating authoritatively with difficult people, workplace politics and in challenging situations.

You will also:
Receive first-hand supportive and constructive feedback on your current communication style and how to take it to the next level of powerful impact. 


This Masterclass is suitable for:

  • Leaders who are facing challenging situations and need to increase their impact and influence.

  • Business owners who are looking to enhance their impact as in leading their organisation.

  • Senior managers who have been told that they need to increase their leadership presence to progress their career.

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