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What’s that you’re writing on my Leadership Epitaph?!

All Leaders are shaping a legacy within their organisation. Most do so by default as opposed to by design. The most effective and impactful leaders are intentional about their impact and brand. They think about how they will exit from the day they begin. This keynote will challenge leaders to use the idea of leadership legacy as a tool for thinking and planning forward.

It's not Just about Jackanory!

 Storytelling is a powerful communication for leaders to build connection, rapport and engagement. Leadership storytelling can be an effective way of setting company vision, teaching important lessons, defining culture and values and explaining what a leader stands for and what they believe. This keynote will offer business leaders key insights to make connections with audiences using powerful personal and organisational stories

Can’t See you, Can’t Feel You, Can’t Follow You

21st Century leaders appreciate that there is a new currency in leadership. This new currency is influence over authority. The most effective leaders Connect and Engage with their teams. Sharon will share with you key insights into how exceptional leaders are able to inspire action and be authentic and impactful in the workplace.


It’s a Nut, So Put Down the Sledge Hammer

High stakes conversations form an integral part of a Leader’s role. Whether it’s challenging team performance, resolving workplace conflict or raising issues with the board, leaders must be able to hold difficult conversations and do so courageously. This keynote will equip you with essential tools to navigate this often complex terrain with conversational dexterity.


S. O. D. It (See it, Own it, Do it!)

Cultural Accountability is mission critical in 21st Century workplaces. As organisational structures flatten, teams have greater expectations of trustworthiness, authenticity and accountability. This keynote shows leaders how developing an S.O.D. organisational culture will boost your competitive advantage.




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